1969 Colt/Galant (Mitsubishi/Chrysler)

Purchased:  (Victoria, Australia)
Engine: 1300cc four cylinder
Transmission: 4 speed manual floorshift
Color: White exterior, black interior
Options: I added driving lights, and electronic on/off headlight switching. Four way airconditioning (you select how many windows to roll down while driving along...)
Story: Hey, I was an impoverished university student! I'd previously driven and worked on a 1970 GA Galant owned by my parents, so I got a similar model to ensure I'd be familiar with the mechanicals (I should have said impoverished engineering student, which meant I wanted to fix the car myself wherever possible). Interestingly, the 1970 (and onwards) Galant was sold by Chrysler, but was in fact a rebadged Mitusbishi first introduced into Australia in 1969 as the 'Colt' (which was the model I actually bought, for $1300).