Selected pre-Swinburne Presentations
  1. G. Armitage, "Sensitivity of Quake3 Players To Network Latency" , SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop, November 1, 2001 (Poster session. Also in pdf form.)
  2. G. Armitage, "Differentiated Services for IP Networks" (pdf, 115KB), opinion panel at Next Generation Networks, Arlington VA, November 3rd 1999
  3. G. Armitage, "MPLS The Ultimate Solution?" (pdf, 78KB), opinion panel at ICM MPLS Conference, New Orleans, October 22nd 1999
  4. G.J. Armitage, "QoS for the IP Multicast Backbone - A look at the enabling technologies - ATM, MPLS, DiffServ..." (pdf, 250KB), IP Multicast Summit, San Jose, CA, February 8th, 1999
  5. G.J. Armitage, "Managed IP Services from Dial Access to Gigabit Routers -Technical barriers and Future trends for IP Differentiated Services" (pdf, 489KB), EuroForum, PARIS, France, February 3rd 1998
  6. G.J. Armitage, "Don't Label Me Yet!" (pdf, 190KB), Invited speaker on an IP/ATM Panel at the IEEE Local Computer Networking conference, November 1997. Theme - "Will Gigabit routers provide a new lease on life for ION protocols."
  7. G.J. Armitage,"Understanding ARP Servers and Multiprotocol VCs in an ATM environment", Proceedings of INTEROP Engineers Conference, Las Vegas, March 1995